Though our labor was long and difficult,  Dani’s presence was a large contributing factor to creating memories of our daughter’s birth that we will look back on as the most wonderful experience of our lives. 
Dani was a phenomenal support throughout pregnancy and labor. She was encouraging and calm through the pain of contractions, and was extremely knowledgeable in the use of different comfort measures. It was an experience that we will never forget, and Dani was an invaluable and special part of the birth of Henley. Dani helped us through the physical and mental challenges of the labor and pregnancy. She respected our expectations of
labor and delivery, and acted as somewhat of a liaison between our midwives, 
nurses, and doctors-allowing my husband to remain focused on supporting me.
We will always reflect on the birth of our daughter as an overwhelmingly amazing experience, due in large part to Dani’s presence, support, and encouragement.



My first delivery was long and eneded in a an emergncy c-section, When it came
time to deliver my 2nd baby with only 19 months apart, a repeat c-section seemed
like the right thing to do, But when it came time to giving birth to my 3rd
child I felt that having another c-setion was something I really wanted to
avoid. I knew I would need some suport, someone working with me, and on my side
beacause with two prior c-sections I felt like I had the medical worldstacked
against me. I stared to look into altrenative routes and having a Doulawas # 1
on my list. I am so thankful that Dani Enkaitis was working with me, although
this was my 3rd baby it was my only sucsessful natural delivery havingthe
support and knowledge from Dani at the beginning of my pregnacy right through to my delievry made all the differece in the world. I would recomend her to

To whom it may concern:

7 months ago I gave birth to my first child. In being a first time mum, I was
becoming increasingly worried on what labour would have in store for me!  I
had done some research on birthing doulas and my midwife had suggested it
to me a few times. To be honest, I was a bit worried about suggesting it to my
husband because I knew he would think spending money to just another person at
the birth would be silly.  As my pregnancy went on, I met Dani at some
pregnancy nutritional classes my midwives office was hosting. I had talked to
her a few times at these classes and being the social awkward women that I am, 
found her very easy to talk to! I began deciding how I would bring up that I
wanted her as our doula to my husband.  After much consideration and
after meeting Dani and seeing what I saw, he agreed! Still a bit reluctantly, 
but agreed none the less! I was thrilled (knowing I was going to need all the
help I could get!)  Well, I had a whirlwind of a labour! I went into labour
around 1pm on the 24th of April. I texted Dani telling her I thought it was time
and she dropped what she was doing and came right over.  While being
incredibly positive (when I was feeling quite the opposite!), she kept
encouraging me to walk around, sip juice to keep energy levels up, and helped me
through every contraction. This is undoubtedly why my labour went so
quickly!  Now is when everything kicked into gear! We decided it was time
to get to the hospital, since my contractions were getting super close together. 
We rushed in, and I swear like a scene from a movie with the husband running in
with his wife clutching her belly in a wheel chair, we frantically tried to find
the maternity ward, while Dani parked our car!  She quickly met us in the
maternity ward and helped me undress and get into the hospital bed. Everything
was going so quickly, before I knew it, it was time to push!  Dani was
holding a cold cloth on my head while helping me through each contraction and
reminding me how to breath.  My mum was there and Dani also helped to get
my mum involved in the delivery by holding my leg!  Then, as quickly as we
came in, it was over. My baby was born one hour after we arrived at the
hospital. At 1:17am on the 25th of April.  Dani stayed to make sure my
sweet boy was nursing well and gave me some wonderful advise as the new Momma I
was.  Everything was going great! Until we got home. I could not get my son
to eat like he was in the hospital. I had no nurses to page to put him on my
breast for me and was feeling pretty discouraged. I may not have had those
nurses, but I knew I had made an amazing friend and mom of two who had gone
through this before. You guessed it! Dani!  She came over several
times and helped me and my son learn how to nurse properly and
comfortably.  My brother and his wife announced they were having a baby
shortly after and my husbands first words after the obviously 'congratulations' 
were 'you guys are getting a Doula right? You guys should get Dani!'. 
Needless to say he was and is much more then convinced now. And we both
agree that we will never have a baby without Dani's help at the birth.  We
have made an awesome friend and look forward to working with her for many babies
to come!  If you are considering a Doula, we would and always will highly
recommend this wonderful woman!  -Kirsten

To whomever it may concern,
My wife and I had a baby boy last April. As
this was a first pregnancy for both of us there was a lot for us to learn and
digest before the quick nine months were up.
We decided to go the route of a
midwife, as my wife had read up on the great and attentive care that midwives
can offer. Soon after this decision, we also began looking into having a doula
from the pregnancy and delivery.
We met Dani through a prenatal nutrition
class we were taking and immediately knew that she was the type of person that
we wanted to have look after our first pregnancy. Dani was very knowledgeable
and helpful during my wife's pregnancy. Her openness to many different
techniques and flexibility in regards to what we wanted was definitely
appreciated the entire time.
While Dani always kept my wife's health and
well-being as a top priority, what I was personally truly grateful for was her
help for me as a first time father and my first experience with the labour
process. From the months up to the day our son was born, Dani was always talking
to me and reassuring me of the details of my roll in our baby's birth.
Most importantly was the day my wife went into labour. From the beginning, Dani was
at our home helping my wife (and me) get through the first stages of labour. As
things progressed she was very involved and nurturing towards my wife, all the
while encouraging and coaching me through all the things I could do to help my
wife as well.    At the hospital she was even more helpful, taking
care of parking my car, helping us to our delivery room, comforting my wife and
further encouraging me to be there for my wife as I needed to be, all the way
until our beautiful son was born.
As everything went fairly well at the hospital we came back home the following day, but Dani's care didn't stop there. 
She was over or in contact with us often in the first few weeks and helped us as
we adjusted to life as new parents.Dani is a very caring, gentle, intelligent, and involved woman. 
These attributes prove that she is a very
experienced doula, one that I would and have recommended to anyone I know to be
expecting a baby. As the father-to-be I was incredibly grateful that Dani was
there for me too, and felt that her presence made the experience of our son's
birth far better than we could ever have hoped for.
I would hope that for
anyone looking into having a doula for their pregnancy, Dani be strongly
considered, especially since we definitely will be requesting her services again
the next time.
Sincerely Burgess Dastur

I highly recommend Dani Enskaitis to
anyone looking for a doula. I hired her late in my pregnancy and we had just
over a week to get to know each other before baby arrived. She is such a warm
and inviting person it felt like I had a friend who also happened to be a
skilled and experienced labour support. My husband was initially offended when I
told him I wanted to hire a doula, we have a great marriage, why would I want
someone else there? But of course, now he says it’s the best thing we could have
done. Having someone to call when you first get contractions and aren’t sure
what’s going on was a godsend. My labour was long and ended up being
complicated. Dani was there for me the whole time. Despite the fact that I
attended prenatal classes, it was the positions and suggestions from her bag of
tricks that got me through. She looked after both of us when we were way too
tired and stressed to know how.  Thank you Dani!

"My labour turned out to be a two-day affair, so over the 48 hours I got to
experience both Dani and Jenna as doulas.  Although each of their support
styles were different, they were both priceless in the support they gave
me.  Even my husband and mother were grateful for their calming presence, 
helpful guidance and expert knowledge.  I couldn't imagine my experience
without them, and I wouldn't have another child without that support.  In
fact, I wouldn't suggest anyone going through labour without a doula, and Dani
and Jenna were just spectacular."


From the moment I found out I was pregnant I knew that I wanted to give
birth naturally at home.  After a thirteen hour unusually difficult labour, 
I did just that.  But I would not have been able to do so without the
incredible help and support of my doula, Dani Eskinitis.

Dani tirelessly stuck by my side through each contraction, intuitively
knowing what I needed at the time.  When things got tough and I didn't know
how to go on, Dani never lost faith that I would be able to give my son the home
birth I wanted for him, despite my total lack of belief in myself.  
Compassionate, encouraging, and reassuring, Dani helped me find strength in
myself I didn't know was there.
My husband and I feel blessed to have had Dani as our doula.  She is
a wonderfully delightful person, a skilled and capable professional with a gift
for her work.  I am most grateful for the outstanding assistance she
provided to my family and I during a very unpredictable, crazy, and truly
beautiful event in our lives.


Angela Gasten

"I can easily say that the single best thing that made all the difference
during the birth of my 2nd son was having Dani as our Doula! I used a midwife
for the births of both my children but did not use a Doula until having my
second and so I have experienced giving birth both with and without using a
Doula and boy do I wish I knew Dani the first time! Dani was able to show up
much earlier than the midwives for our home birth and help through my entire
labour. One of the main things I appreciated was how she offered suggestions to
my husband so that he could be my support through out my labour and during that
time I never felt closer to him! I know he felt way more confident and involved
and actually useful than he did at our first birth! Dani stepped in when she
needed to and also knew when to create more space. She had all kinds of ideas
about how to make me most comfortable and as a result I found my contractions
far more bearable.
Aside from her expertise and confidence during a birth, as well as her great
working relationship with the midwives in the area, she is warm, calming, and a
truly lovely mother herself! I would highly recommend Dani to anyone interested
in using a Doula! I should also note that my husband, who was initially quite
sceptical about how worth while the investment would be, now goes around telling
anyone who will listen about what a great decision it was and how much he
benefitted as well from her support!" - Sarah